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Bridge Generational Communication Gaps: Improve Communication Breakdown in Organizations

8/13/2024, 8/20/2024

10:00 am - 11:30 am PT | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET


Culture plays a pivotal role in determining the long-term success of any nonprofit organization. Issues like turnover, inefficiency, and stakeholder dissatisfaction can rapidly undermine mission fulfillment, catching leadership off guard. Recognizing and addressing these threats to organizational viability is crucial for preserving talent and staying on course. This workshop hones in on the impact of generational gaps within leadership, emphasizing the need to bridge these divides. By enhancing conflict resolution skills and fostering a deeper understanding of intergenerational dynamics, participants will gain valuable tools for maintaining a cohesive and effective workplace environment.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and organizations interested in improving and learning about company culture.

What The Training Will Cover

Day 1: 

  • Uncover the most common sources of friction in multigenerational communication - and how you can decisively address them.

  • Examine the trends in each generation's communication style, preferences, and perceptions.

  • Identify the oft-unheeded warning signs of an impending 'cultural apocalypse.'

  • Recognize subtle signs of toxicity among even your best and longest-serving employees.

Day 2: 

  • Learn how to leverage the unique communication strengths of each generation to advance the mission and bring in more donors and supporters.

  • Understand leadership's role in preserving and promoting a nontoxic culture.

  • Learn immediately actionable strategies for bringing your nonprofit back from the brink.


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Additional Information

All workshops are live with an instructor. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the workshop. All registrants, will receive the slides & recordings via email after the live workshop.

Looking to register 3+ people? Email us at to receive $5 off per registration!

Please Note: 

We do not offer any other discounts for this training other than the member rate. Upon registration, you will receive a link to participate in the training. Please check your inbox or spam folder.


Kate's odyssey in nonprofit communications and marketing spans over a decade, evolving from a dedicated volunteer and board member to a committed staff member. She ventured into contract and freelance work along the way, ultimately circling back as a full-time staff member and part-time consultant focused on remedying communication breakdowns and cultural toxicity. She has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations and causes, from healthcare and tourism to child welfare and animal rescue.

Kate is a NANOE Certified Nonprofit Consultant and holds a BA in International Studies, an MA in Global Communication, and a professional Certificate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.



1 hour of training = 1 credit hour



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