Virtual Gala: Engaging Donors in Their Homes


8:00am - 9:00am PT

11:00am - 12:00pm ET

September 3, 2020

11:00am - 12:00pm PT

2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

September 17, 2020

8:00am - 9:00am PT

11:00am - 12:00pm ET

September 30, 2020


If your nonprofit is shifting fundraisers to an online format, this webinar is for you! Our trainer will cover a variety of virtual event ideas, promotional strategies, timeline recommendations, and a number of unique ways for you to create an engaging experience. 

Who Should Attend?

Professionals who are interested in hosting virtual fundraisers

What The Training Will Cover

  • Understand how your mission and brand could be transferred to an online  experience

  • Review 8 unique event ideas that could be used for a virtual fundraiser saving you money on typical venue and catering costs

  • Examine program idea timelines and inputs to create a great branded virtual experience 

  • Review sample creatives and ways to sell tickets and promote your virtual fundraiser 

  • Learn how to host a virtual bingo, 5K, a day at no spa, coffee chat with a VIP, virtual dinner party or brunch, online auction and other virtual fundraiser and event ideas



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Additional Information

This workshop is recorded. It is best to attend live but if you miss the live workshop, you can watch the recordings and then reach out to the instructor with any follow up questions. After the conference, attendees will receive recordings and materials from the workshop.

Looking to register 3+ people? Email us at to receive the group rate!

Please Note: We do not offer any other discounts for this training other than the member rate. 

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"This workshop was very beneficial and filled with great tips for hosting an online fundraiser. Learning about giving platforms, best practices for donor outreach along with new ideas to connect with supporters and event timelines is important during this new normal for organizations serving communities."

Kelsey Castrey, Associate, Westby Associates

"As a board member for a small nonprofit, we are looking to go from a traditional fundraiser to a virtual fundraiser this year due to the pandemic. Not being tech savvy, I was very wary going forward, but this webinar really opened my eyes to the advantages of this type of gala for engaging our community and getting more name recognition also. Leah was a very clear and concise presenter, and gave very good tips for different types of fundraising which can be done virtually."

Felicia O'Brien, Board Member, Colorado Honor Band Association

"This webinar was extreme valuable for me in navigating my first ever virtual event planning. Not only was I given slides to take notes upon, but I was immediately emailed a recording as well. The host answered all my typed questions verbally during the presentation. Having information provided to me based on recent experiences and what has worked and hasn’t was more valuable than anything I could have imagined. I am rethinking our entire plan. Glad I signed up. Will be back."

Erica Sloan, San Antonio, TX

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