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New Ways to Show Gratitude to Donors

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Donors have a pivotal role to play in the nonprofit world because they are the ones who make your organization’s mission happen! Nonprofit organizations who show consistent donor appreciation usually receive more funding in the long run. This is because donors are offering more than just funding, they are offering their genuine support, activism, and strong belief that your mission will be successful in giving support to communities.

With all they do for your organization, are you thanking them thoroughly enough? Below are some new ways to show gratitude to your donors to help build healthy donor relationships and to thank them for their support:

Social Media Shoutout

Social media is a great way to spotlight key donors and give them the recognition they deserve as it also can give others a level to strive for. Make sure to first ask your donors about their privacy preferences before using this outlet. Here are some creative ways in publicly recognizing donors: posting thank you videos that highlights your donor’s impact on your organization, spotlighting “donor of the month” posts, and also creating online donor walls that could be shared on the organization’s website along with the rest of social media channels.

Gather Feedback and Insights from Donors

You will find that many of your donors and stakeholders want to give some additional insight into your programming than you would typically give to your donors. Because they are funding a great portion of your mission, it is helpful to show appreciation by asking them for organizational additional feedback about your activities.

Connect Donors with Others

Donors appreciate and crave community because they want to feel connected to your cause and to share knowledge with like minded individuals. Creating an exclusive environment (for example, a private Facebook or LinkedIn group) where donors can connect with one another who share the same passions. This method transfers some of the intimacy of the community into your relationship with the donor.

Volunteer Opportunities

When donors are offered to volunteer, it may not immediately sound like an appreciation intent, but hear us out! When organizations implement a volunteer program, you can give your donors a chance for an up-close perspective of what your mission is accomplishing. While informing your recurring donors about their impact on your mission is important, they are more likely to develop a personal connection with your organization if they can see that impact as well.

Host Donor Appreciation Hybrid Events

Hosting donor appreciation events provides the perfect space and opportunity to enjoy a good meal or fun activity while networking with donors, encouraging them to mingle with one another, and say thank you for all of their contributions. Events could range from: donor luncheon or dinners, virtual facility tours, happy hour, holiday celebrations, virtual galas, and even virtual classes (fun activities like painting, cooking, or pottery).

Donor appreciation is the fundamental step to achieve donor stewardship and retention and is a key part of nonprofit fundraising. We hope these new ways in expressing gratitude will enable your donors to continue supporting your mission. Looking to host a virtual event? Let us help create an unforgettable experience for your participants! Learn more here!

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