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May Workshop Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

It’s May! As always, we have a fresh round of exciting workshops for you this month! Click the workshop title you are interested in attending to learn more and register for an upcoming session. Interested in attending at a discounted rate? Check out our current individual and organizational membership packages here!

Your organization needs to be prepared for smooth staff transitions and onboarding, whether it is the role of a development director, executive director, program, or communications staff. Smooth transitions and onboarding are key to successfully delivering programs and services. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the processes from creating systems to knowing what employees do in their day-to-day tasks to building your own leadership pipeline and a successful onboarding process for new employees.

During this interactive and fun session, you’ll learn best practices in advocacy to advance your organization’s goals, how to identify and engage key stakeholders, and how to ensure your organization is not left out of policy-making conversations. By the end of this session, you’ll have the confidence to build your organization’s power by engaging your team, donors, members, coalition partners, and community in advocacy, as well as the framework for creating a strategic roadmap that leads to long-term advocacy success.

More and more organizations are using data dashboards to show their progress in engaging participants, raising funds, imparting knowledge, etc. A data dashboard is a tool that provides a means of monitoring, measuring, and extracting meaning from data. Dashboards display information in an interactive and visual way, but not all dashboards are effective. Join us for this free webinar with Data visualizer, Amelia Kohm, who will share the key elements of powerful data dashboards.

In this training, you will learn ways to improve donor retention and re-engage lapsed donors. Sometimes all you need to do is reevaluate how your nonprofit captivates and cultivates current donors. The training will review lapsed donor strategies to implement and methods to retain, re-engage, and upgrade your donors. Whether you are a fundraising team of 1 or 10 there will be ideas and strategies you can implement.

Join Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA, Chief Fundraising Strategist and Coach at Development Consulting Solutions, as she takes you through a multichannel approach to building your donor base in a digital world. You will learn how to acquire new donors using low-cost digital acquisition techniques and align digital strategies to form a cohesive digital donor journey. You will build meaningful donor relationships through timely touchpoints - keeping all those new donors you just acquired.

This workshop will cover how to use trauma-informed facilitation practices to plan, create, and design. Using trauma-informed principles of facilitation, we will cover the structure and format of facilitated experience, review how to create an agenda, design a facilitated experience, and how handle disclosures, disruptions, and other facilitation challenges. This workshop is for facilitators and trainers who lead community-based conversations with adults where difficult topics may arise or in-depth discussions may occur.

FREE Webinar: Level Up Your Fundraising Efforts with Peer-to-Peer Events - May 17, 2023 Peer-to-peer fundraising is a crowdfunding method that allows your community and volunteers to raise money on behalf of your organization. Whether you are planning to run an in-person, virtual, or hybrid peer-to-peer event, you will learn how to get the most out of your fundraising efforts this Spring and Summer with FundRazr. Discover step-by-step strategies on how to run successful peer-to-peer fundraising backed by real examples.

Does your nonprofit have a planned giving program? Does your organization need to refine its current planned giving strategy? In this workshop, we’ll cover how to find unanticipated planned gifts, how to segment data to find planned giving prospects, marketing strategies for planned giving, how to talk to donors, the importance of an advisory council, and how to build your legacy society to cultivate planned giving donors. A legacy gift is often the largest gift an individual makes and can have a lasting impact.

Attendees will learn why it is more important than ever to ensure that your board is diverse *and* inclusive. Learn tips and tricks on how to recruit more diverse board members, how to retain them, and how to position them for leadership roles in the future. Whether your organization has not started, is on the path, or is advanced, come learn actionable steps to make your boards more diverse and inclusive now.

In this training, we will review common issues that arise and offer step-by-step solutions to mitigate these issues. Volunteer issues covered in the workshop will include social media policies, interpersonal conflicts among volunteers and with staff, alignment of volunteer expectations, volunteer engagement, and volunteer retention. Participants in this workshop will leave with strategies and tools to immediately implement in their own organizations to more effectively manage their volunteer force.

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