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3 Ways to Grow Your Organization’s Outreach

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to successfully communicate your priorities and mission. Improving your organization’s outreach can help to create positive connections with those who may be interested in your organization. Consistent outreach helps to increase engagement. Here are three ways to grow your organization’s outreach:

1. Get Involved in Local Events

Getting involved in events in the local community is a great way to raise awareness of your organization. Involvement in local events also helps you to get to know the needs of your community. Are there gaps in services in the community that your organization could fill? Are there students looking for internships? Participating in local events will help you get a sense of the different ways your organization can impact your local community.

2. Promote Local Volunteering Opportunities

Many people are looking for a way to make an impact in their community and volunteering with nonprofit organizations is a great way to feel like you are making a difference. Make the most out of the people in your community that want to get involved. Are there students that can benefit from volunteer hours? Are there businesses promoting company-wide volunteer times? Don’t forget to promote any volunteer opportunities your organization might have on social media.

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3. Communicate with Stakeholders

Sometimes growing your organization's outreach is as simple as talking to those your organization is involved with. Asking for feedback from stakeholders, makes those stakeholders feel more involved with your organization. Do donors prefer making donations through email marketing campaigns or mobile messaging? Use a survey to find out! Wanting to introduce a new service? Ask those who are already receiving your services what they think.

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