October 14, 2021

10:00 am - 11:00 am PT | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET


This workshop combines a 501c3 and tech startup business model to push nonprofits into the social enterprise startup space. It teaches nonprofits how to scale revenue like a tech startup. First, redefining their mindset to be startup founders, then going into the progress of raising money with the community through community-centric fundraisers and programs, and learning how to leverage peer-to-peer fundraising to increase traction. More importantly teaching them how to leverage their data collected from their communities to gain money, instead of using mission and emotionally-based pitches to try to win capital. While training them in the world of the tech industry, Leveraging Tech To Diversify Nonprofit Cashflow also shows founders the systemic discrepancies that are against them, and how capitalism and the nonprofit industry are branches of the same system. This is presentation is a playbook for how to beat bias giving and raise money like high-level nonprofits and social enterprise startups.


Jasmine Fain can be described as a Southern Dallas native, Oklahoma State Alumna, and J.D Candidate. Most importantly she uses her knowledge in social enterprise startup business development, grant writing, and marketing to create spaces for wealth marginalized organizations and communities in our world. As CEO of ENPWR U, a directory for nonprofits to advertise their programs and services directly to communities, and increase resource response rates in crisis or immediate situations, she studies and advises communities on topics such as generating un-bias fundraising systems, creating diverse nonprofit cashflow systems without grants, capitalism affects in the nonprofit industry, and social enterprises leading tech movements. She believes that even after we get a seat at the table, we must teach others to build a better table than the one we are sitting at. In her free time, you can catch Jasmine practicing her hobby of videography around the best spots in Dallas.

Who Should Attend?

Nonprofit professionals interested in investing in the sustainability of their nonprofit and forming stronger community connections

What The Training Will Cover

  • How to develop community-centric fundraisers that create a funding ecosystem between them and the community.

  • Providing a plan to still generate revenue even through crisis times, relying on the support and traction of the community members.

  • Gain the knowledge required to pitch to investors, donors, and sponsors, and the ability to use their traction from a community-centric funding standpoint to turn it into raised capital.

  • Merging what you know in the 501c3 space, with the tech startup space, and gaining the knowledge to compete against tech startups and social enterprise startups.



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Additional Information

This workshop is recorded. It is best to attend live but if you miss the live workshop, you can watch the recordings and then reach out to the instructor with any follow up questions. After the conference, attendees will receive recordings and materials from the workshop.

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Please Note: We do not offer any other discounts for this training other than the member rate. 

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